About Us


We Believe...

  • That compassionate acts of kindness and generosity are the best way to show God’s love in our community.
  • In helping those humble enough to ask.
  • In the divine calling on every individual to discover their purpose and achieve their highest potential.
  • That the Fresh Start Furniture Program plays a significant role in the lives of those striving towards self-sufficiency.


Found in Faith Ministries is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in Maryland.  We provide furniture and home goods to families and individuals that financially qualify for our program.  Our current focus area is Harford County, Maryland but are happy to give referrals to resources in other counties when possible.  We are currently the only organized furniture and home goods resource in Harford and Cecil counties.

Found in Faith Ministries is run 100% by volunteers from several local area churches.  In 2016, we served over 100 families in need and more than 80 donors through our program.  We encourage pick-up or delivery of items to reduce the wait time for our services, but we are happy to provide them at your request.  Pick-up or delivery of items usually takes 1-4 weeks to schedule.  We are currently located at 21 Linwood Ave. in Bel Air, behind Bel Air United Methodist Church and we are happy to say that we will be moving into a larger space located at 610 Towne Center Drive, Joppa, Maryland in spring of 2018. There is a great need for our services in this area so we are looking to add lots more volunteers to sustain our momentum and keep up with demand.

Found in Faith Ministries plans to positively impact our constituents and community in many ways in the coming years.  Our 10-year plan includes a financial counseling program, fine arts and construction labs, retail space, café, and our for-profit arm, and Found in Faith Estate Transitions Services.   Stay tuned for all the great news coming your way from this progressive and vital ministry!

We Value:

Honor, Integrity, Excellence, Humility


We honor:

  • God by remaining faithful to the mission and vision He has called us to.
  • Our clients by serving them with love, acknowledging their uniqueness and value.
  • Our donors by promptly expressing our appreciation for their generosity and investment.
  • Our volunteers by recognizing their efforts and welcoming feedback.
  • Our community by fulfilling our mission and role in the county’s continuum of care.

We demonstrate integrity:

  • To God by acknowledging His presence and taking responsibility for every decision we make as an organization.
  • To our clients by providing the highest quality items possible that are clean and free from rips, stains, tears, smells, and pests.
  • To our donors through fiscal transparency and promptly providing tax documentation.
  • To our volunteers through responsible leadership and upholding our values as an organization.
  • In the community through authentic relationships and upholding our partnership agreements.

We exhibit excellence:

  • To God by paying attention to detail and going above and beyond to serve Him and others.
  • To our clients by upholding appointments and having in stock what we offer over the phone.
  • To our donors by also upholding our appointments, being transparent about our capabilities, and taking care in the transportation of donated items.
  • To our volunteers though well-organized programs and high standards of governance.
  • In the community by exceeding expectations as a service provider and partner.

We demonstrate humility:

  • By recognizing that we are merely a single part of the whole, and that we are unified with all that exists in God’s beautiful creation, for which he alone deserves the glory.