What We Do


We Believe…

  • That compassionate acts of kindness and generosity are the best way to show God’s love in our community.
  • In helping those humble enough to ask.
  • In the divine calling on every individual to discover their purpose and achieve their highest potential.
  • That the Fresh Start Furniture Program plays a significant role in the lives of those striving towards self-sufficiency.

Our involvement with those in need begins with furniture and home goods.  Items such as a bed, dresser, dining table, pots and pans etc.  are often not including in the “basic necessities” category of life.  This is understandable in the face of a crisis however, at  the moment an individual or family has a roof over their head, they become critical.

The clients we serve are at a crucial juncture in their journey towards self-sufficiency.  With their basic needs met, they are often feeling encouraged by their progress and gaining momentum.  We help to keep that momentum going by relieving the financial burden of purchasing basic living items through our Fresh Start Furniture Program-a service that can easily save them a $1,000 or more.  For a person or family living transitioning from homelessness, these donated items make all the difference between their ability to just survive or their potential to thrive.  It also reduces the risk and frequency of those in need choosing alternative options such as rent-to-own furniture stores or high-interest finance loans, both of which can spell credit disaster for those working diligently towards stability.