We are Lighting the Way for Families in Need of the Fresh Start Furniture Program!


Families in Harford County Without Furniture

That is what it feels like for families in Harford County without furniture.

Furniture is something most people take for granted.  A stabilizing and ever-present force in our lives, it is there to comfort us when we are sick, relax us when we are tired, feed us when we are hungry, and light our way when it’s dark.  But what if, instead of coming home to comfort after a long day, you return to emptiness?

Your possessions strewn about the floor along with your dignity.  Your rooms hollow and dark, a familiar feeling as you stare as the sparse, tangible representation of your circumstances, of even your value perhaps?

You fantasize about the day when your empty house has been transformed into a cozy, comfortable respite called home.  “If only I could afford the furniture I need”, you think.  “If only there was a way?

Thankfully, there is hope for low-income families in Harford County!

The Fresh Start Furniture Program at Found in Faith Ministries has been transforming empty houses into homes in our local community since 2016. 

We have furnished over 1,100 families with more than $204,000 worth of donated goods, proudly rescuing these reusable items from their fated landfill destination.  Our current capacity allows us to serve an average of 215 of the 300+ families that reach out to us each year.

Over the next three months, the Fresh Start Furniture Program will be moving to a new building located at 1050 Hardees Dr. in Aberdeen.

This move increases our capacity to focus on program efficiency and outreach thus allowing us to serve more people and expand our programs in the future.

We Need Your Help!

Our goal is to connect with and assist everyone who needs the Fresh Start Furniture Program.  By upgrading our current location and expanding program offerings, we can accomplish our mission to transform empty houses into homes and turn moving in into moving forward for local families working towards self-sufficiency.

Donate to the Light the Way Campaign

Will you join us in our vision to ensure that every family has a furnished home and a stable foundation from which to build?

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Thank you for joining us to Light the Way for families in need of the Fresh Start Furniture Program!